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I would now like to introduce myself, my name is Malcolm Weaver, I am head of the racing system reviews team here in the UK. I have been involved with horse racing since 1994 and I make a good living from it.

My initial claim to fame was a book called: "You Too Can Make Money From The Sport Of Kings". The book sold many thousands of copies before I withdrew it from sale.

Some of the best racing systems I have tried are in the form of handicap systems or lay betting, but there are quite a few other types that are very unique and work with most types of horse racing. If you take advantage of the information we provide you with you will find we cover mainly UK horse racing, but with the internet, you can bet on UK horse racing from anywhere in the world. Unfortunately some of you may not be able to bet from USA, having said that don't worry we've got USA betting covered as well. You need to be aware that as with all forms of gambling you will sometimes lose, although with our information, and betting systems, you are more likely show a good profit from betting on horses.

We admit we don't win everyday, but we do actually make a good living from our horse racing systems. You will get lots of free racing information from us on a regular basis should you wish to subscribe to our FREE service. There are a lot of racing systems that can be found on the internet, most are rubbish, and you will get ripped off, and we don't believe there are many that can offer you the kind of racing information we provide you with. Best of all, many of our racing systems are completely FREE.

If you are still reading then what are you messing about at, you could be on your way to making some really serious money with the help of horse racing system reviews. Just send me your name and email address, CLICK HERE so I can provide you with the best racing information the bookmakers don't want you to have. Let's start you on the path to getting some winners now so you too can make money from betting on horse racing.

Best regards,


bookies banned this system


The 3 Minute System

How to produce winners and generate cash consistently. These systems are designed to work on UK racing but the same principles will still apply to American racing or anywhere in the world for that matter. These systems have nothing to do with arbitrage betting and don't require a large investment to see a good return. They are really simple and easy to follow so anyone can profit with them. You can be using the systems today quick and easy download no waiting around. you can start with small £1 stakes and you will not have to invest hundreds of pounds to see a good return.

Make thousands RISK FREE


Bet Winner Pro

Absolutely no racing experience required
Bet from anywhere it’s legal!
Have your picks in 15 minutes or less!
Make good, consistent money daily!
Good action with sure-fire picks daily!
At odds as high as 20/1!
Enjoy long winning streaks!


The Legacy System

The unique betting techniques and strategies you learn with this amazing dual system rely solely upon your following a series of easy to use and understand steps. There's nothing difficult or complicated about this. Anyone can do it... And that includes you - irrespective of your age, gender, education, class or creed. No masses of data for you to compile and you DON'T spend seemingly never-ending hours studying form. In fact you absolutely DON'T NEED form at all - or even need to go anywhere near it!

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